The perfect gift for any golfer, from beginners to pros

Help the golfer you love improve not only their golf, but also their health. When they're out on the course, beating their friends and feeling great, they'll have you to thank. 

An evaluation is a great place to start - choose one below, or contact me if you are looking for something else.

Mini Evaluation

TPI Level 1 Screen - Like a physical specifically for golf.


We break down the golf swing into 20 micro movements to pinpoint exactly which parts of your body are holding you back. 



Standard Evaluation

TPI Level 1 Screen 

+ Slow Motion Swing Analysis

and Swing Speed Testing.

Recommended for most golfers.  

A comprehensive look at how to immediately improve your swing.


Full Evaluation

TPI Level 1 Screen

 Slow Motion Swing Analysis

Swing Speed Testing

+ TPI Level 2 Screen


TPI Level 2 Screen tests your power, strength and cardiovascular efficiency for golf. Recommended for advanced golfers.


Please consult with your doctor before starting any new nutrition or exercise plan.

If you have any questions please email me at